Rates & Services


     Our services and expertise emphasize archaeological resource "Overview Assessments" (AOA), "Impact Assessment" (AIA), and "Impact Management" (mitigation) studies. These are commonly required of persons and agencies planning, or engaging in, land-altering development projects posing a potential threat of adverse impact(s) to archaeological resources in British Columbia. 

    Pursuant to the Heritage Conservation Act (1994), archaeological  overviews and impact assessments, and impact management and mitigation studies are frequently required prior to land-altering activities associated with: 

  • Residential and/or commercial subdivisions
  • Industrial parks
  • Water/gas/oil transmission pipelines
  • Power transmission lines
  • Open pit mines
  • Timber harvesting
  • Hydroelectric dam projects
  • Railway lines
  • Gravel quarries
  • Recreational complexes, parks, and reserves
  • Highway/road/bridge upgrading, realignment or construction
  • Miscellaneous land-altering developments

     Our staff are familiar with all logistical aspects of such projects and realize that developers frequently require considerable flexibility with respect to both development details and scheduling. In addition, our firm has over 20 years of experience involving detailed systematic data recovery (excavation). A list of past projects and reports prepared by our company can be obtained upon request. 

    Antiquus provides free project cost estimates and guarantees fair, competitive, and affordable consulting fees. Please contact us for our Standard Charge-out Expense Rates sheet.